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Ancestor Guidance Reading

This service is only available to established customers only. Do not purchase if you are not an established customer. This is for July delivery. All dates for June are booked. Discount/coupon codes will not work for written readings. 

This reading is specifically for those who want to get insight from their ancestors.

This reading will provide you with messages from your ancestors and spirit guides. In addition, you will receive insight about connecting with your ancestors. Your ancestors' messages for you and how they choose to communicate with you are specific to you and only you. The delivery of this service will be via email in the month of July. You will receive a specific delivery date for your booking.

This is not a general outlook email reading. It is specific for those wishing to connect with their ancestors and receive information about their life path. If you have no interest in connecting with your spiritual team, do NOT purchase this reading option. If you are confused about anything or want more insight before purchasing, please email me first. 

Again, this is NOT a general outlook email reading. I am currently NOT offering general outlook emails.

Ancestor Guidance Reading $91.91
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